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النظام الآلي للإنذار المبكر
What is the automated early warning system
This system aims to deliver alarms and alarm monitoring and warning of weather phenomena including heavy rains and hurricanes issued by The General Authority of Meteorology and Environment Protection (PME).
Must Commitment with directives and instructions issued by the General Directorate of Civil Defense
To see the warning status and description, click on the warning icon on the map
Noted that all color and shape means stage of early warning as follows


It means, Notice information about the possibility of an weather status influenced Kingdom


It means, Alert about the possibility of an area affected by the phenomenon of air

Advanced Alert

It means, Advanced Alert about the impact of the phenomenon of air and must take caution


It means, Warning of severe meteorological phenomena or torrents, must take full precautions and committed with the instructions of the Civil Defense and his guidance

The impact of the phenomenon of air and must take caution

Thunderstorm Thunderstorm
Sandstorm Sandstorm
Heavy Fog Heavy Fog
Cold Wave Cold Wave
Hot Wave Hot Wave