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MET Services for Aviation in KSA
The following questionnaire has been made to assess General Authority of Meteorology and Environmental Protection (GAMEP) on various Aviation services provided to its stakeholders. This will help GAMEP in improving its service delivery. Please answer the following questionnaire that best describes the service provided to your organization. THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR COOPERATION IN ADVANCE
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1) How would you rate products provided by GAMEP for flight planning?
2) How satisfied are you with the contents of reports and products issued by GAMEP Met Service? ( METAR, TAFS, SIGMETS, warnings and prognostic charts)
3) How satisfied are you with the accuracy of the Products issued by GAMEP Met Service?
4) How would you rate the weather warnings issued by GAMEP MET Service?
5) Are you familiar with MET web service for aviation provided by GAMEP?
6) How satisfied are you with the web service provided by GAMEP MET Service?
7) How well do you feel that GAMEP MET Service understands your needs?
8) How satisfied are you with the overall MET service provided by GAMEP?
9) Which products provided by GAMEP are the most important?
10) Which products not provided by GAMEP are requested to be considered in the future?
11) What other issues not included in this survey need to be addressed by GAMEP?
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